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WOW. I haven’t been on here is months. #sorryguys


my body isnt a temple my body is a castle with a moat and crocodiles and a dragon who will set you on fire if you touch me

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" A strong man can handle a strong woman. A weak man will say she has an attitude. "


April 17, 2014: At morning skate, when Andrew Shaw accidentally hits Jonathan Toews’ hand with his stick, they agree to let bygones be bygones by letting Toews hit him back

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Shawzy Pony telling Pony Bollig about the Calgary trade. Pony Bollig had a burning feeling something was up…..

" Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet just because there’s a picture with a quote next to it. "

- Abraham Lincoln (via us&p)

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Do I care if you like MyLittleBlackhawks and PonyToews?

Nope. Because It’s The Cup and he’s fucking adorable. LOVE HIM. 


Uni-Kane is gladly giving Oshicorn a ride home, team usa style, after beating the blues in round 1 and more importantly winning his Pony Toews plushie. 

part two of this pic


EA announced today who fans can vote for to be on the cover of NHL 15. clearly they missed someone who very clearly deserves to be the cover boy…or cover pony…. lets make #NHL15PonyToews a thing! 



after seeing this pic i knew i had to draw a Raantasus and Crow Pony goalie hug! 

didn’t have time to draw tonight but found out it’s Raanta’s birthday so the least i could do is reblog a goalie hug! Goalie hugs for all! 


Shawzy Pony, Crow Pony and Uni-Bicks with puppies! How could I not turn this pic into a sticker and why not make it for charity!?

The commission I would earn from this sticker, inspired by the Bick’s Pits 2014 calendar, will  be donated to the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation. The charity’s mission is creating awareness for the compassionate, loyal, and misunderstood dogs called Pit Bulls, and working with them to assist abused children.

You can Learn more about this charity & donate here

you can find the sticker here!

don’t forget i have the karlssus, commission going to the Trevor Project, here as well



Game 4 against Detroit, Pony Toews got 3 penalties in one period and needed a pep talk from Pegabrook. Everything will be ok! 

We just need a Seabrook pep talk!


big game tonight, Uni-Kane is gonna need a pretty big pep talk from his closest friend.


he may be a Pegasus, but Pegabrook shows his affection to Pony Toews like a cat, via head bumps. 


because how could i not draw blackhawk players and famous movie characters as ponies? i’ll try to draw more this weekend.

inspired by the blackhawks holiday video 

gif by darthtulip and newyearseves